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The WWW Search Interfaces for Translators on this website are featured in Google Hacks by Tara Calishain & Rael Dornfest, out in March 2003 and available from O'Reilly, Orell Füssli, Amazon etc. (preview or online version (Section 19, p. 69))
Tanya Harvey Ciampi (English translator & designer of WWW Search Interfaces for Translators)

On this website you will find internet resources for translators including my WWW Search Interfaces for Translators, which will help you find glossaries and parallel texts on the internet containing specific keywords in various languages to help you with your translations (=> definitions & translations). Click on the icon below for a presentation:

Click here for a presentation of my WWW Search Interfaces for Translators...

If you like, you may join the wwwsift forum to find out more about how the search interfaces work and to receive URLs of multilingual websites with parallel texts. We look forward to hearing from you. Examples of postings to wwwsift...   Need help?

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If this is your first time here, you may like to try out my guided terminology search:

What Do You Need to Look up?

  ... general term ... technical term

Definition of a ...

(or a synonym?)
(or an abbreviation?)

Find it!

Find it!

Translation of a ...

Find it!

Find it!

These techniques and more are presented as part of my Internet Search Techniques Course for Translators (details of next course...).

You will also find a collection of macros for translators.


Tanya Harvey Ciampi
Technical Translator & Terminologist
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