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From time to time these macros stop working due to changes in Word/Explorer, so please contact me directly for assistance!



Word macros for translators
(including FREE Macros for Translators)

Word and character count tips and tricks

Powerpoint macros for translators


Translation memory programmes for translators

Downloadable dictionaries

Online pdf conversion tools

(Free program for downloading entire websites from the internet to your hard disk for offline browsing. HTTrack is fully configurable, and includes an integrated help system.)
It saves translators a lot of work downloading each page of a website, one at the time. In addition, it makes it easier for the translator to ensure that he or she has translated ALL of the files on a website.

Program for creating pdf files

FreeBudget (by Aquino)
Free budget tool for .doc, .rtf, .txt, etc. files
(not html files, which are only available in WebBudget, which is not free)

Total Assistant
Word and character counts for files in following formats:
.doc, .ppt, .htm, .html, .pdf, .txt and more.
(free trial version to be downloaded, or try here or  here)

Counts words and characters of files in Microsoft Word,
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect, HTML
Evaluation version available for download, or try  here

glossary-driven multiple search & replace tool for translators
(30 day trial with code)



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