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Tanya Harvey Ciampi
6673 Maggia, Tessin, Suisse
+41 (0)91 753 27 15, email
 Member of the Swiss Interpreters' and Translators' Association

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Proofreading of English texts:
Professional linguistic support you can trust
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Four eyes are better than two!

Have you written a text in English that you would like corrected professionally by an English native speaker?

If so, look no further!


Since I am a freelance English proofreader, NOT an agency, you have the following guarantees:
  • All your texts will be corrected by the same person, thus ensuring:
    English proofreading consistent English native-speaker quality,
    English proofreading consistent use of terminology,
    English proofreading your company know-how is invested in one and the same person;
  • Lower prices (no intermediary charge);
  • Direct contact with the proofreader not allowed by many agencies, but important for high-quality work.






English proofreading

Transcription services

English correction English corrections

Verbatim transcription service in English and Italian (covering all regional and foreign accents).

A sample of my work is available free of charge.





English proofreading


English correction English corrections

Born and raised in a small village in the rolling countryside of the Chiltern Hills in county Buckinghamshire in the south of England, I later moved to Switzerland, where I learnt Italian, German and French.

The English language has become my profession as I do English translations and proofread texts written in English for companies, institutions and private clients all over Switzerland in a wide range of fields, general and technical.

My solid knowledge of Italian, German and French is extremely useful – indeed essential – for understanding what the author (often German, Italian or French native speakers) really meant to say when the words sometimes convey meanings other than those intended.

I obtained my Diploma in Translation (subsequently translated into BA in Translation) from the School for Translators and Interpreters, Zurich (DOZ), Switzerland / University of Surrey, England, in 1993.

More about my qualifications and work experience

Personal information...




English proofreading

Choosing the right person

English correction English corrections

Don't choose just anybody to correct your text in English!

Why not?

I have a friend who once volunteered to take over an English proofreading job that I had begun while I was studying as I did not have the time to finish it not a particularly technical text.

Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, my friend told me that he was having serious trouble understanding the text, and therefore making the necessary corrections. He, too, was a highly qualified native speaker of English (with a university degree in the field in question geology), but with one slight difference: he only spoke German, NO Italian.

Now, since the author of the text was an Italian native speaker (thinking in Italian and writing down words in English), there were quite a few places in the text where one had to be fluent in Italian in order to be able to perform the reverse mental process of translating back into Italian (unscrambling the "Italian" English) and then into proper English as a result of the distinctly Italian structure of the sentences and the choice of incorrect words in English.

This real-life example shows just how important it is to choose the right person for your proofreading job: someone capable of grasping the exact meaning as intended by the author, picking up on any inconsistencies or unintended ambiguities, correcting any grammatical and lexical mistakes, improving the style and giving your text the professional linguistic attention that it deserves, bearing in mind the target audience (English native speakers, non-native speakers etc.) at all times.

My foreign languages are German, Italian and French.





English proofreading


English correction English corrections

You may send me your text either in paper or electronic format.

The corrections may be made in either of the following ways:

1) by hand on a print-out (using proofreaders' marks), which I will return to you by post;
2) directly in the electronic document.
To view the changes that I have made, proceed as follows:

A) Tell me in advance to activate Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" feature so that each individual change is highlighted.


B) Compare the documents in MS Word:
(instructions for MS Word in Italian/German)

1. Open the corrected version of your document.
2. From the Tools menu select Compare and join documents.
3. Tick the box Preview of comparison (this way the documents will not be modified, and the changes will be shown in a new document), select the original document and then click on Compare.
4. The document that appears will highlight all the changes that have been made.






English proofreading


English correction English corrections

For a quote, simply...

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English editing   or call me on: ++41 91 753 27 15




English proofreading


English correction English corrections
Address Tanya Harvey Ciampi
Casa alla Cascata
6673 Maggia
Telephone ++41 (0)91 753 27 15
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English proofreading


English correction English corrections


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