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A few of my CLIENTS







[translation of a website]

[...] rileggendo la sua traduzione vorrei farle nuovamente i miei complimenti (e quelli di tutta la gente a cui l'ho già fatta leggere in anteprima. Noi [...] abbiamo una traduttrice, è molto brava, ma non riesce a cogliere tutto quello che veramente la persona intende dire in un determinato contesto, quindi ogni tanto rimane sempre "un po' di amaro in bocca", è raro trovare qualcuno che riesce esattamente a tradurre quello che hai in testa [...] penso sia anche un po' un dono. Sono davvero molto contenta della sua collaborazione nell'allestimento del mio sito. [...] È veramente superlativa, Tanya, qualora avessimo bisogno non mancherò di segnalare il suo nome.

Martina V. B.

[translation of a mutual recognition agreement]

"Could you please have a look at the enclosed translation and let me know if you would be able to do it [...]. Just out of interest, you did something for them before and they have specifically asked for you again. Many thanks."

Nigel H., in-house translator of one of the Swiss Federal Departments

[translation of tourist information]

"Ho parlato con uno dei miei colleghi che le fa i complimenti per la traduzione...!"

("I have spoken to a colleague of mine, who compliments you on your translation!")

R. G.M., MovingAlps, Ticino, Switzerland

[translation of list of questions and answers for a press conference in the US]

"La ringrazio per il suo ottimo lavoro e per la sua tempestività."

("Thank you for your excellent work and for the fast turnaround.")

Stefano M., managing director of a company specialized in alternative renewable energy sources, Chiasso, Switzerland

[translation of CV]

"A few months ago you translated my CV. I just wanted to tell you that in the meantime I have found a new job! I wanted to thank you once again for your translation!"

Olivier D., Coop, Switzerland

[translation by my husband, Angelo Ciampi, of correspondence for Apple Computer Inc. concerning new opening of Apple stores throughout Switzerland]

"Thank you for your perfect and immediate services!"

Jürg B., notary, Berne, Switzerland

[translation by my husband, Angelo Ciampi]

"Ganz herzlichen Dank, auch für dein fulminantes Tempo! Du bist der erste Mensch auf Erden, der uns ein Dokument fixfertig und perfekt formatiert zurücksendet - das ist fast wie Weihnachten, und das nach Ostern!"

Gisela M., Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur, Switzerland

[translation of letter to hotel guests, four-star hotel in Locarno]

"Ho guardato la tua traduzione da più vicino: complimenti! Hai saputo dare un tocco in più al testo, quel tocco che fa si che uno si dice 'ma sì, che carino, potrei andarci una volta' ".

(I have had a closer look at your translation: well done! You have managed to give the text that extra touch which will make people say "Yes! That looks lovely: I'd like to stay there!' ")

Gabriela Z., translation coordinator

[translation of a business letter for Management]

"Besten Dank [...]. Sie haben eine professionelle Arbeit abgeliefert."

Kurt L., manager at Bauknecht, Switzerland

[translations for a department of the Swiss Confederation]

"I'm very happy with your translations."

N. H., in-house translator of the Swiss Confederation

[translation of cover letter for job application]

"Habe eine Jobzusage bekommen an einer sehr guten Klinik in London. Sicherlich auch wegen gutem Brief!! :-)"

P. Bird, Switzerland

[translation of documents and certificates for immigration to the USA]

"Everything worked out. We are going tomorrow to the States."

L. Stäheli, Switzerland

[translation of marketing material for Internet solution provider]



Linda E., Lugano, Switzerland

[translation of letters of recommendation for a job application]

"Perfect!!! [...] once again thank you very much, it was a real pleasure to work with someone as professional as you."

S. Hermann, Switzerland

[proofreading of CV]

"Many thanks for your comments, corrections and remarks on my document. I'm very happy with the result!"

M.L., ABB, Switzerland

[translation of Swiss newspaper article]

"Thank you very much for the prompt service! I am very happy with the translation."

Martin H., Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), Switzerland

[translation of business correspondence for a logistics firm in Germany]

"Nochmals vielen Dank für die Übersetzung. Nach Durchsicht Ihrer Arbeit kann ich Ihnen ein großes Lob aussprechen. Ihre Übersetzung ist sehr gut geworden. Bei unseren zukünftigen Übersetzungen werden wir Sie gerne wieder berücksichtigen."

(Thank you very much again for your translation. I have to compliment you on your work: you have done a very good job. We will gladly contact you again for future translations)

Thorsten S., Laubach, Germany

[translation of a geology report on the correlation between rainfall and the triggering of landslides]

"Grazie per l'ottima traduzione che mi ha permesso addirittura di trovare degli errori nel testo in italiano."

(Thank you for your excellent translation, which has also drawn my attention to mistakes in the original text in Italian)

Giovanni P., Lugano, Switzerland

[translation of presentation for job application]

"Thank you very much for the translation of my text, it is absolutely perfect and fully meets my expectations!"

Esther B., Berne, Switzerland

[translation of a couple's Swiss wedding cerimony for English-speaking relatives from Canada]

"The effect of your translation was magical. Truly. The priest actually switched to English at one point using your translation. Well done and Thank you."

Patrice S., Switzerland

[translation of a foundation's contract regarding the funding of film production projects]

"Mi sembra perfetto il tuo testo (ovviamente...). E ritengo che tu ne abbia capito nel modo più giusto il senso. Ti ringrazio molto della tua celerità e perfezione."

(Your translation looks perfect (of course...). You have succeeded in rendering the exact meaning of the original. Thank you very much for your fast, highly accurate work!)

Laurence H., Lugano, Switzerland





"The web site of Tanya Harvey Ciampi is a very good source of information on techniques that translators can use on the Internet to do terminology searches."

Marcello N., USA





"Ich habe in keinem Kurs soviel gelernt, wie bei Ihnen. Das Internet ist mir seit Ihrem Kurs der beste Helfer."

(Your course has taught me more than I have ever learnt in any other course. I have since found the Internet to be a most valuable tool.)

Marija B., Mitglied ASTTI, Switzerland


"I enjoyed your course thoroughly and am thankful for all the useful information you gave us. It was well structured and illustrated. Your enthusiasm is simply contagious."

Nevenka L., Switzerland


"[...] the course made an outstanding impression on everyone – I think we have all benefited tremendously and moreover it was a genuine pleasure. [...] We have a new expression here for when you can't find a word: "Have you tried Tanya-ing it?""

Sarah J. M. [Head of Language and Translation Services at a Swiss bank]
Lugano, Switzerland


"[...] I really thought that your Internet course was excellent. I thought I was pretty good with the Internet before Friday but I learnt lots of useful techniques - even in the first part of the course. I'm now looking forward to coming across a technical term so that I can put what I have learnt into practise!"

Karen R. [legal translator in a law firm], Stuttgart, Germany



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