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Tanya Harvey Ciampi, dipl. transl. DOZ
English translator and proofreader
CH - 6673 Maggia
Tel. 091 796 36 58


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Name: Tanya Harvey Ciampi
English translator (EN, DE, IT, FR)
Dipl. translation DOZ, Zurich
Tanya Harvey Ciampi, Bellinzona, Ticino, Switzerland Tanya Harvey Ciampi

Tanya Harvey Ciampi

Daughter of: Edward Harvey, mechanical engineer and former managing director of Albe (England) Ltd. (precision tool manufacturing company), Middlesex, London UK branch of the Swiss company Albe SA in Agno, Lugano (later taken over by Mikron) – and the UK branch of Moutier-based Tornos Bechler (manufacturer of automatic lathes). He also worked with AGIE in Losone.

In his spare time, inventor of Polydron
Now available in Switzerland, too:


http://www.facebook.com/polydron.ch (Contact me).

First ever prototype Polydron, invented by my father back in the Seventies:

Polydron invented by Edward Harvey  
Grew up in: Chiltern Hills in the heart of the English countryside (county Buckinghamshire, England)


the West coast of Ireland, near Clifden, County Galway.

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Studied in: High Wycombe (Godstowe Preparatory School) Buckinghamshire, England)
Zurich (Dolmetscherschule Zürich)
Guildford (University of Surrey, Surrey, England)
Married to: Angelo Ciampi, Italian translator and Italian teacher in the translation department of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur (ZHW): Department of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies, Zurich, Switzerland Angelo, chestnut trees
Have worked in: London, Locarno, Lugano, Zurich as well as freelancing
Live in: The Maggia Valley in the Italian-speaking Ticino region of southern Switzerland.


Ten minutes' drive from Locarno, the venue of the world-famous Locarno Film Festival.

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Peccia, standing stones by Tanya



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