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Machu Picchu, ancient Inca city north-west of Cuzco (3326 m a.s.l.) in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, perched on a tall mountain overlooking the Urubamba valley.

Discovered in 1911 by American historian Hiram Bingham never revealed to the conquering Spaniards Machu Picchu is the best preserved of all known Inca ruins.

Cajamarca (2650 m a.s.l.), a traditional colonial city surrounded by stunning countryside and various pre-Inca sites.

Guinea-pig skins drying on a line, about to be fried.

Coastal city of Trujillo, Peru's third largest city, close to the ancient Chimu capital of Chan Chan.

This sculpture is in the centre of the city's main square.

Peruvian plateau

Ross strand, county Galway

Glassilaun beach, county Galway
Renvyle: jellyfish
Clifden, county Galway, with the Twelve Bens in the background
Clifden: heather growing along the Sky Road
The Killary, county Galway
County Galway: lonely tree, sculpted by time and the elements
Kylemore Abbey, county Galway
Tully Cross, county Galway

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