WWW Search Interfaces for Translators - Designed by a translator for translators
WWW Search Interfaces for Translators
designed by a translator for translators
by Tanya Harvey Ciampi / www.multilingual.ch

Private Internet search techniques courses
for individual translators or
self-formed groups of translators...


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Swiss translators group open to translators working in Switzerland or who have some sort of a connection with Switzerland!
The aim of this platform is to exchange and discuss tips and tricks relating to translation and terminology research (including the installation of MS Word terminology search macros based on the WWW search interfaces).

Use of this website is free of charge. In exchange, please share it!  /

Intro / Tricks / Thanks / Internet course for translators

What is a glossary?
Why consult a glossary?
How to find a glossary
How the glossary search interfaces work
List of dictionaries & glossaries
Pros & cons
What are parallel texts?
Why use PT?
How to find PT
How the PT search interfaces work
Pros & cons


Knowledge is a wild thing and must be hunted before it can be tamed

(Persian proverb)

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